Dec. 14th, 2011 09:49 pm
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  So, I went to this concert....

Korpiklaani and Arkona, two of my favourite bands origining from Finnland and Russia had an event together - and I went without hesitation. I knew from past experiences that Korpiklaani knew how to put on a good live show, and one of my comrads had seen Arkona on a previous occation - and confirmed my expectations for the night.

The evening started out pretty tame as most; warming up was a band from Illinois which name i never remembered. Something that in my experience would give most a pretty clear indication as to my opinion of them.

Next out was a was a pretty wacko band by the name of Polkadot Cadaver - music in which would more than anything remind you of any acid trip what so ever; outstanding even so, with a few well-koordinated jump movements throw intoo the pit. More than anything though, what stood out was how syncronized they all were. The guitarist and the bassist started dancing at the exact same times, the drummer would mimic the lyrics while banging round... and they gave me a free CD, so you kind of have to love them.

Arkona was next; and the entire performance could best be decribed as mindblowing. People were getting in the mood as soon as they were setting up and prepping, and when Masha came onstage; people went wild.And for good reasons! As mentioned I had yet to witness Akona live before, and it went beyond what I had imagined. Masha was alive and strong as usual, Boris played well and headbanged even better. A sucessfull night in my opinion.

Korpiklaani was the last one out; and I have to admit; even if they were the header - after such a strong performance by Akona I was usure if they would be able to live up to the expectations...
Of course I should have realised my worries were for naught. Korpiklaani came on stage, and like fire they immediately set the premesis: This is a party. The set list consister of some old classics, something new - and of course, all time favs like "Tequia, Vodka and Beer Beer".
As a whole, the night was unduobtfully crazy; no wonder when you have such lunatics as the infamous Korpiklaani partying with the audience.

At least I can be sure that this is a concert I will be able to live off for a long period of time =)
Untill the next one that is!...




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