Dec. 9th, 2012 12:04 pm
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Because winter is upon us again...

Now don't get me wrong friends, I have absolutely nothing against winter. Truth be told, winter is probebly my most favoured season of all. After all, what could possibly be more serene than a forest covered in a white cloak, the smell of fresh - no further explanation needed, as fresh seems to be the mutual choice of words. Winter is also a time for the imagination.A time where every adult relives their childhood through their own children; the look of pure joy upon unwrapping a prolong awaited present, A time where every man woman and child, even just for a few hours forget their mundane lives in favour of a winter wonderland, filled with creatures as far as the imagination is able to withhold. To this day I can still remember 13 year old me running around crazed in the forest pretending to be a lepraucon, hiding from every living creature on sight. And every winter I visit that memory; among others - and I can go out, roll in the snow, slide down hills with no concern about how it must look; because of the knowledge that I am doing what everyone else wish they were..

However, with that said; Sadly winter is also that time of the year where the remorse of what coulda shoulda woulda is at its strongest. I suppose that is the price you pay when your favourite season panns out both at the end of a current year - and the beginning of the next. Sort of like, when your new years resolution (the same you've had for the past five years) has failed just by existing in the first place, because as much as you wish for its sucess - its past failure is still fresh on your mind.
Another sadness gives its presence as you reenter your home; and in the process of decorating for christmas, you stumble upon your favourite childhood vhs-tapes, and you wish your previous high could last forever. To this day, there is not a single moment that I do not wish I was like Ronia the Robbers daughter, being able to live duty free in the forest, being as close connected to nature as possible.  And very rarely a day goes by without me thinking, even the tiniest bit on the danish movie "Ørnens øye" And how the medieval senery; dirty people, pigs and muck included - is just right up my alley. My point is; as winter brings forth the child stored away in your heart - is also brings about the sadness, come knowledge that you are not young anymore...
Of course at the bottom of all things, we are only human. And humans do what humans do best... we endure:)

And this is melancholy to me

- Seasons greetings^^

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