Dec. 17th, 2011 07:59 pm
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Prayers For Bobby
(Based on a true story)

 When truth is to be told, there has very rarely in my short, yet surprisingly cynical life been a moment of total weakness from yours truly. Never had a break down from the sad and unexpected, or a break-through from overly sentimental notions of romance. Just an abyss of poisonous, yet expected dissapointment ravishing our lost souls. Welcome to Hollywood everyone. It says so on the entry-door.

Yet when i first saw Prayers For Bobby, i felt something i had long thought i was devoid of. It shattered my foundation to the ground, skin on skin- without skin, down to a bare boneless mass.

 Yes i had a hard time believing that such a pleasantly poignant piece treated with that amount of heartfelt curiosity and respect, could ever come out of the american film industry.

 An unexpected choice of (mostly) relatively unknown actors, a storyline that has you weeping and/or pulling your hear out for the larger part oh the movie, or ( if you are lucky) refraining to do so by no more than an inch. This film is one of the most honest, self-criticizing dramas to date...

 Now comparison as a principle is usually a dangerous path, yet if one had to, Prayers for Bobby belong among the likes of popular 21st century french films. As poignantly displayed as 2008s Donne moi la maine, as heartfelt as Chansons d'amour and as curiously beautiful as Dans Paris and En Colo.

This is not one to miss! 


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