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 I honestly don't know why I even keep a blogg. Why do anyone?

I suppose deep down I feel like I have alot to say - and that writing down my thoughts is a superb coping mechanism. The problem arise, however, when you time and time again reach the realisation that you are not cut out for blogging.

Thoughts are private after all, and even though I want to be heard as much as the next person, I feel it important to secure my ideas for a select audience. Anyone could stumble upon your blogg; In my case - exclusively on accident. But these people can be anyone; faceless, nameless individuals trying to distubt the sanctuary that should lie within your own mind.  

Is that necesarrily a problem? Maybe not, but if you are like me, blogging only because you enjoy the fruits of your own creation - there are better ways of going about it. After all, an anti-blogging-blogger would not be very peased by harsh critisism for something that is only ment to entertain oneself!



Dec. 2nd, 2011 12:11 am
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I have always liked winter.
Not necesarraly the cold, freezing, or muddy puddles of dirty snow that came with it; 
but growing up in Norway, winter only made me appreciate the hotness of summer.

Now, so far from home; during december of all times, I can not help buss miss the coldness.
Living here, in Florida - the hotness is everlasting, overbearing; consuming you whole
untill suddenly you have become that sweaty pile off mudd you so desperately depise.
We all know that is no fun.

I will not say my experiences here have dissapointing so far; quite on the contorary...
I guess that's what happens when you have low expectations, but every so often even I miss home.
The actual smell of trees; high mountains looking over the ocean - neverending water...
Ironic really, when you think of it; because I was never one to explore nature.

In a five month's time I will be home - and it will probably only be a matter of time before I am sick of it,
but for now, anyway - I will enjoy the view:)


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