Dec. 12th, 2011 11:38 am
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I don't really like christmas - sure, when truth be told, I don't really mind it either,
I just cannot for the life of me see what the big deal is about...
Back home, you see - it's always the same: Mom works overtime; my little sister all grumpy and being a tit,
leaving my father and I to deal with the decorating. And well, when you leave something of that importance to a couple of cynical sarcasmfeeders with no sense of holiday spirit - you are doomed to fail which ever way you look at it.
The tree is up and done (really fugly looking too if i do say so myself) on the 23rd - and hopefully taken down as soon as possible.

Now I migh be wrong, but it seems to me like the presents are the true meaning of the holidays. Mind you, eeevery christmas chipper in this world will disagee, nut if you look away from the opinions of slightly elderly ladies - and really take a look at what christmas has become, it would seem I am right.
After all, nothing causes more stress than the christmas shopping; people making sure they have all they need for each and every member of their family and friends. So i have to ask myself, If it is the though that counts, wouldn't these people settle for a little less, with a little more consideration - instead of turning such a holiday intoo a shopping marathon, or worse; a gift competition?

All I know is that this christmas I will stick to my humble abode, eat good food and do what I do best - deal with it!



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