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 I honestly don't know why I even keep a blogg. Why do anyone?

I suppose deep down I feel like I have alot to say - and that writing down my thoughts is a superb coping mechanism. The problem arise, however, when you time and time again reach the realisation that you are not cut out for blogging.

Thoughts are private after all, and even though I want to be heard as much as the next person, I feel it important to secure my ideas for a select audience. Anyone could stumble upon your blogg; In my case - exclusively on accident. But these people can be anyone; faceless, nameless individuals trying to distubt the sanctuary that should lie within your own mind.  

Is that necesarrily a problem? Maybe not, but if you are like me, blogging only because you enjoy the fruits of your own creation - there are better ways of going about it. After all, an anti-blogging-blogger would not be very peased by harsh critisism for something that is only ment to entertain oneself!



Dec. 1st, 2011 12:15 am
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A Poem Based on the old ways.

Blasphemy, they spat – said; Heathens’ you hatch.
For your lips do not form, the name of our lord, who beat yours by the sword – and had you beheaded like nothing more.

Look at your past, you grubby hag.
Tell me the truth, do you not see the nute, over there by that mute – who was hung like nothing but a whore.

Yes, history has spoken, so call it a token.
Of our lord’s goodwill, decorated in frill, up there by that hill – where your kind is buried beneath the floor.

Blasphemy, they spat – said; Heathens’ you hatch. Tis’ what we do, with scum like you, without caring who – so as to rid the world of such venom and gore.

Yes we have it in pen, so you won’t come again. For my lips do not form the name of your lord, who ran from his sword – and had mine beheaded; such a cowardly score.


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