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What does it actually mean to grow up?

Most people would say that you grow up the day you leave your inner child behind - and move on.
But if that is so, how can so many adults live their entire life in such a childish state of mind?
And better yet; if it is not in fact so; then exactly what is it that brings about this transition.

As a young child, I as many other children would set myself goals and expectations; anticipating the arrival of this moment. At first I thought it would be as I hit puberty; but as is the case more often than not; puberty came and went, and I still remained the same.

For that reason, I was sure it would happen during my first relationship… after all it takes commitment, dedication and patience to be that close emotionally to another person. But time went and came – and if anything I only felt less committed, with a faltered dedication than ever before.

At last I though it would be when I lost my virginity (to put it bluntly).. I was always a late bloomer in these kind of things, so it would only be natural if my lack of experience made me feel as childish as I did at the time… But my first times came, and went; and I did not feel any less incomplete.

 Today I am wiser, more patient and independend; well on my way to adulthood. And I know now that my own process of growing up, is more than anything based on experiences  - and what you make of them. When you can see past you own mistakes; try to improve yourself without loosing who you really are; then I believe you have come far.

- Greetings from Miami Beach


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